We would be happy to show you how we can meet your individual requirements with our wy.by software. wy.by is designed to accommodate complex time, usage and price models. Together, we will find the best solution for you!


Turn your website into an efficient sales channel

Present your offerings and enable your customers to book and pay directly online. wy.by presents a quick, simple and inexpensive solution without any license fees.

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Buchungen verwalten

Manage reservations and bookings

See all reservations and bookings at a glance. Quickly search for a specific booking or filter your reservations and bookings according to specific criteria. This is a very powerful tool for your customer center.

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Kunden pflegen

Pamper your clients

You have to know your customers in order to treat them well. Keep track of a customer’s history, including their reservations, bookings, and received and pending payments. All at a glance!

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Mietobjekte pflegen

Manage rental objects

Present your rental objects in the most favorable light, using descriptions, attached documents and pictures. Use specific criteria to make selecting the preferred rental object easy for your customers.

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Manage seasons, rental durations and prices

Whether you have a sophisticated pricing model that uses different costs for seasons, weekends, days and nights, or if you have a simple price scheme based on rental duration, you can manage it all with wy.by, including optional and cancellation fees.

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Schweizer Datensicherheit

Benefit from Swiss data security standards

Don't bother with back-ups and data security. Your data is kept on professional-grade servers in Swiss data centers and is continuously backed up to a secondary data center.

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Standorte verwalten

Manage sites

Manage various sites with different opening hours, currencies, VAT rates, etc.

Individuell anpassen


User interfaces and work processes can be adjusted individually to your mode of work.

Kundenspezifische Erweiterungen

Customer-specific upgrades

Customer-specific upgrades will be implemented quickly and cost-effectively and integrated into the web application.