«Look, I can reserve my workspace online.»

The comprehensive reservation system for workspaces

Better utilization of workspaces

Automatic billing

Online booking, whenever and wherever

Bookings instead of enquiries


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Benefit for employees and customers

  • Can rent workstation and meeting room if really needed
  • Reduced costs thanks to spontaneous rental
  • Time availability of workspaces visible on ROOMZ display and calendar
  • Always and everywhere online bookable at short notice
  • Various payment options

benefits for companies

  • You will receive bookings instead of requests
  • No time required for settlement
  • Better utilization of the workspaces
  • Assignment of work space to customers and employees according to requirements
  • One booking system for several company locations

Special functions

  • Overview of the booked rooms on screen at reception
  • Bookings via mobile phone (iPhone and Android) or PC
  • Initial customer data import possible
  • different rental prices for different customer groups
  • Other services and accessories bookable (e.g. catering, coat racks)
  • Interface to ROOMZ Display possible
  • Quick commissioning in just a few steps and days: Create an account, enter locations and workspaces and off you go
  • Swiss Solution from Swiss Data Centers Proven for Several Years

Our partner for conference room displays

ROOMZ is the proven solution in the agile working environment.

Our partners for locking systems

They are one of the leading manufacturers of electronic access control systems.