Manage rental objects

Present your rental objects in the most favorable light, using descriptions, attached documents and pictures. Use specific criteria to make selecting the preferred rental object easy for your customers.

Comprehensive rental object management

  • Objectname and description 
  • Pictures
  • Object categories and subcategories
  • Sub-category specific selection criteria to support the selection process for your customers
  • Assign rental objects to locations
  • Object specific accessories, options and services
  • Mandatory and optional accessories, options and services
  • Generic rental object groups without direct booking capabilities for a specific rental object
  • Generic rental object groups with direct booking capabilities for a specific rental object
  • Bulk objects 
  • Option to set a predefined maintenance period in between two rental transactions
  • Possibility to enable and disable objects for rent in advance
  • Comprehensive price model with possibility to customize model for every single object independently
  • Possibility to specify object specific rental calendar
  • Attach important documents to rental objects