«I can reserve my parking space at work on a daily basis»

The comprehensive reservation system for company parking spaces

Improved parking capacity and better use of parking space

Fair parking allocation for employees

Online booking, whenever and wherever

Charge is made instantly on employee's credit card


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Benefits for companies

  • Charge is made instantly on employee's credit card
  • Improved parking capacity and better use of parking space
  • Assignment of parking spaces to employees according to requirements
  • Bookings also possible for visitors
  • Employees can register via company e-mail
  • One booking system for several company locations

Benefits for employees

  • Rent a parking space whenever needed
  • Reduced costs thanks to daily rental
  • Availability of parking spaces visible on calendar
  • Book online whenever and wherever, even on short notice
  • Direct charge to credit card
  • Automatic credit memo after cancelling a booking

Special functions

  • Only registered users can book parking spaces
  • Bookings via smartphone (iPhone and Android) or PC
  • om PermissionCheck App for checking parking permits with vehicle plate recognition
  • Option to import employee data
  • Different rental prices for different employee groups (office vs. field staff)
  • Other services bookable (car wash, etc.)
  • Possibility to connect interface to garage access system
  • Integrate with carpooling system
  • Quick set up in a matter of easy steps over a few days: Create account, enter locations and number of parking spaces, import users, invite users, and off you go!
  • Swiss solution from Swiss data centers with several years of proven experience

om PermissionCheck

om PermissionCheck enables simple checks of parking permits via smartphone and tablet (Apple iOS and Android App) and detects vehicle registration numbers very quickly.